Stunt Race FX / Wild Trax

Nintendo’s second 3D Super Nintendo game that was powered by the same Super FX chip found in Star Fox, Stunt Race FX is one of those Nintendo franchises that only lasted for one release before being forgotten.

Released in 1994, Nintendo decided to enter the world of 3D racing games with Stunt Race FX (known as Wild Trax in Japan). But rather than taking a more realistic approach as other companies were doing, Nintendo decided to take a more lighthearted approach. Rather than putting the player in control of lifeless cars, Stunt Race FX gives the cars personality by giving them eyes and the ability to emote.

Being an early 3D game, things aren’t going to be perfect. To compensate for the relatively low frame rate, the controls are purposely made to feel a bit loose which takes a while to get used to. Once you get used to controlling the cars, the game starts to open up. To give the game a more arcade feel, there are checkpoints you must reach within a time limit and a damage meter which fills up as you crash into things until your car explodes and loses the race. As with many Nintendo games, the game is filled with cartoonish charm. Billboards decorating the tracks contain images of Nintendo characters, the cars emote and honk their horn when crashing into things, track obstacles are quirky and fun. You can see the trademark Nintendo charm all throughout the game.

With only a brief minor cameo as a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Nintendo seems to have abandoned this franchise. Although a sequel was briefly planned and swiftly cancelled, perhaps we could see a revival of this classic Nintendo franchise if people show enough interest!

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