Rocket Knight Adventures

Konami’s foray into the mascot platformer genre is sure to blast you away.

Following the success of Sega’s Sonic games, many companies started to follow the trend of creating platformers starring animal mascots with an attitude with hopes on cashing in on what they think made Sonic a hit. Most attempts from companies resulted in games that vary in quality from mediocre to bad, however, Konami managed to standout from the crowd with their own entry.

Rocket Knight Adventures was released in 1993 by Konami as a Sega Genesis exclusive. Unlike other animal mascot platformers of the time, Konami decided to focus more on gameplay over superficial aspects. The game stars Sparkster who is equipped with a special suit of rocket armor which grants him the ability to use his rockets for flight or to launch himself in any direction as an attack and means of travel. The entire game is based around this rocket gimmick and puts it to great use allowing for many unique platforming challenges. This mechanic is the heart and soul of Rocket Knight Adventures and is the reason it stood out from its platforming peers.

Rocket Knight Adventures has received incredibly positive feedback from critics and still holds up to this day. The game has also received a sequel on the Sega Genesis, a spin-off on the Super Nintendo, and another sequel on Xbox 360, PS3, and Steam. The original is still considered the best in the series is definitely worth checking out if you can find a copy or some other means of playing it!

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