Road Avenger/Road Blaster

It’s the late 1990s (the future at the time of this game’s release), you’re young, recently married, and driving your car on the freeway with your partner, wind blowing through you hair. Life couldn’t get any better. But…

There people out there who just want to see the world burn. Some gangster punks decide to hog the road and end up pushing you and your partner off the road and into a head on collision with a giant boulder resulting in the death of your loved one. Now you have one mission, avenge the death of your partner by purging the road of those punks responsible for your partner’s death, you must become… a Road Avenger.

Road Avenger is a 1985 FMV game originally released in arcades by Data East where you must drive your car through various actions scenes while making sure to ruin the day of any gangsters you come across. Now FMV games have gained a negative reputation over the years as many games have had more of a focus on visuals than on actual engaging interactivity. Road Avenger has you steering your car left or right, boosting or breaking as dictated by on screen prompts in order to avoid danger while also attempting to ram the vehicles driven by gangsters associated with the group who caused your partner’s untimely demise. Although the game’s controls and level interactivity is low, noticeable attention has been put into game feel with satisfying visual feedback that really helps with the ever important feeling of immersion.

Since the arcade release, Road Avenger has been ported to various home consoles including the MSX, Pioneer LaserActive, Sega Saturn, and Sony Playstation with the most accessible (and only localized) version being the Sega CD release. The game has never been considered for a more modern port (outside of small ios port and fanmade SNES port) but with games such as Night Trap having a new port announced for the PS4, perhaps this hidden gem of an FMV game could get similar treatment with enough support. Check out this action filled FMV romp if you’re ever in the mood for some road avenging!

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