Puyo Puyo Chronicle announced!


Sega has announced a new action puzzle RPG based on Puyo Puyo for the 3DS!

Intended to be a celebration of Puyo Puyo’s 25th anniversary, Puyo Puyo Chronicle will feature a lengthy story featuring various Puyo Puyo characters from it’s long history of games. Unlike a traditional RPG however, battles will be carried out as Puyo Puyo puzzle matches with an added RPG spin.


Currently, the game is only planned for a Japanese release, however, the western Puyo Puyo community is taking action on twitter to encourage Sega to consider a western release under the hashtag #PuyoChroniclesForTheWest. If you want to see more Puyo Puyo games in English, show your support by posting or sharing a tweet with that hashtag!

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