Project Diva -Future Tone-

Based off of Project Diva Arcade, Future Tone finally hits consoles in North America!

Split into two packs, Future Tone focuses on songs given to us from the home console series from Project Diva PSP all the way through Project Diva F 2nd and Colorful Tone focuses on songs that remained arcade exclusive to play along with songs featured from the 3DS only Mirai title.

Regular Project Diva players would be familiar with its game play as you hit the regular face buttons. However, as the charts are based off of the arcade version, we are now introduced to hold notes where more more points are given holding a note all whilst playing the game normally with other fingers. Home console players will find this difficult as on harder difficulties, this is much easier with an arcade-style controller.

Future Tone simply is the best collection of Project Diva songs that we can all get our hands on, including over 220 songs! The game includes some great SEGA nostalgia as nods to memorable franchises such as: Sonic, Outrun, Space Channel 5, and even Puyo Pop. These can be found all over as they are referenced in the game through its music, modules, and accessories.

Project Diva Future Tone is a Playstation 4 exclusive title and is now out in both Japan and North America

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