Power Drift

Go for number 1!

Released during a time when most gamers were used to 8-bit graphics and 3D games only existed in gamers’ fever dreams, Power Drift really turned heads with it’s impressive graphics that really made gamers wonder about just how advanced computer graphics would be in the future.

Originally released to arcades by Sega in 1988, Power Drift used large amounts of 2D scaling graphics to give a convincing 3D look to it’s kart racing action. Roads, bridges, ramps, they’re all made of road segments represented by 2D sprites which are put in front of each other to create the illusion of one solid road, it’s truly something you need to see to understand.

The sheer power needed to run a game with these kinds of graphics meant that, although several home ports were made for various 8-bit consoles and computers of the time, arcade accurate home ports weren’t even remotely possible until the 32-bit generation. Currently, this game is available on the 3DS eshop and is worth a look just to see how far 2D graphics can be taken in simulating 3D.

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