Omega Boost

Gran Turismo may be Polyphony Digital’s bread and butter, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make killer games in other genres.

Omega Boost, released in 1999 late into the Playstation’s lifetime, was one of Polyphony Digital’s sleeper hits. A mech piloting game that allows you free movement in space as you battle waves of enemies as you travel to the past in an attempt to stop an evil A.I. from ever being created.

Due to poor marketing, the game fell under most people’s radar and became what could be considered a hidden gem for the PS1. Boasting some of the most impressive graphics on the PS1 with certain scenes even reaching a framerate of 60 frames per second (a rarity for 3D games at the time), Omega Boost really shows off what the original Playstation can do just as people were beginning to move on to the newly released Playstation 2. Gamers who’ve played Panzer Dragoon may notice some familiar gameplay elements in this game and this is due to people who’ve previously worked on Sega’s Panzer Dragoon going on to join Polyphony Digital and work on this game.

Unfortunately this game is only available for the original Playstation with no digital re-release available but at least it goes for a fair price on ebay. Pick up this hidden gem when you get the chance!

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