Light Crusader

Light Crusader, an action adventure for those who prefer more action in their adventures.

Developed by Treasure (creators of Dynamite Headdy and Gunstar Heroes) and published by Sega in 1995, Light Crusader is a Sega Genesis exclusive action adventure RPG that’s light on story and focused on gameplay. You play the role of Sir David who is returning to the town of Green Row after his journey. Upon arriving, he is asked by the king to search for townspeople who have been disappearing overnight.

In terms of plot elements, Light Crusader keeps things very simple with the entire game taking place within a single town and single expansive multi-level dungeon. Most of the game takes place within said dungeon with each floor being about the size of a typical dungeon in other action adventure games. Gameplay is seen from an isometric perspective where you have free control of the character and the ability to jump, slash, or use magic. Although it is possible to find or purchase equipment, items, and magic to mix things up in combat, these features are kept simple and straightforward with the meat of the gameplay being in solving puzzles within the dungeon. Because of the need to go back to town to purchase items, the dungeon features warps at various key locations to make travel between the two quick and simple.

Light Crusader may not appeal to RPG fans looking for complex game mechanics or a deep story, but if you are hungry for exploring dungeons and fighting enemies, Light Crusader is enough to satisfy your appetite and might even go beyond you expectations! Light Crusader is available on the Sega Genesis, the Virtual Console, and Windows PC.

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