Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

You wake up one night with no memories of your past. The only thing you know is that you’re dead.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is an adventure game where you have no time to be dead as you only have one night before your spirit passes on to the afterlife. Before that happens, you must find out how the circumstances of your death and the cause for all the strange things that are happening on your last night on this Earth!

Released on the Nintendo DS in 2011 and iOS in 2012 by Capcom, Ghost Trick comes from the creator of the Ace Attorney series and shares the same quality story telling as found in those games. The gameplay involves you possessing inanimate objects to interact with the world around you and your only means for getting to bottom of what’s going on.

Ghost Trick was received with critical praise during it’s release with it’s plot and animation being considered especially noteworthy. Ghost Trick’s premise will have you hooked from beginning to end and is definitely worth your time, especially if you are an Ace Attorney fan (the creator even considers this to be in the same universe as that series)!

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