Dino Stalker

With the popularity of first person shooters in the home and the light gun shooters in arcade. It’s interesting that there haven’t been many attempts to combine the two.

Capcom, noticing an opportunity, decided to create a few off-rail light gun shooters for home consoles. These games were all released as part of Capcom’s Gun Survivor series. Beginning with poorly received Resident Evil: Survivor on the PS1 and continuing with releases on the PS2, the Gun Survivor series takes arcade light gun shooters and allows players to have full control of their movement.

Dino Stalker (known as Gun Survivor 3: Dino Crisis in Japan) is the single entry in the Gun Survivor series to be based off Dino Crisis. The game plays like an old school FPS with a clearly defined end goal for each level and boss battles. Making use of the D-pad on the PS2’s Guncon 2, you can freely navigate 3D environments while shooting enemies with the gun itself. The controls may sound good on paper but they are rather awkward and take a while to get used to, there is also the option to use a regular controller to play but you lose out on the whole point of the game.

If you like light gun shooters and wished you had more control over player movement, check out Dino Stalker for the PS2.

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