Pucker up buttercup, this kissing game isn’t your run of the mill adventure.

Developed by Punchline and released in 2007 for North American PS2s, Chulip is a quirky Japanese adventure/simulation game where you control a poor boy who’s just moved into a new town. The goal of the game is to earn the affection of the girl you like by improving your reputation around town. How do you improve said reputation, by making people happy and smooching them of course!

Not unlike Animal Crossing, the game follows a day-night cycle and each character in the town follows their own 24 hour schedule. It’s up to you to learn the schedules and personalities of each character and figure out how to make them happy enough so you can go in for the kiss. Kiss them at the wrong time, however, and you better prepare yourself for a beating. Make to many mistakes and it’s game over!

The game received average reviews from critics at it’s release but it’s ambitious gameplay concept has allowed to gain a small cult following. Chulip may not have been the biggest hit but it did manage to see a re-release on the Playstation Network so if you are interested, you can go check it out there!

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