Seeking to introduce more action to the God simulation genre, ActRaiser combines the genre with action platforming to create something unique.

Developed by Quintet and published by Enix for the Super Nintendo, ActRaiser has you playing as a God who must not only lead his people but also protect them from demons by getting his hands dirty and fighting. The game is split into 2 sections, Sim and Action sections. You must free areas from demon control by exploring them in an action platforming level and defeating the boss of the level. After the boss is defeated, the game switches to sim mode where you control an angel who watches over the people and guides them in their progress with the goal of eliminating all demon spawn points and increasing the population. Once these goals are reached, you must finish off the remaining demonic forces in the area by fighting them in another action platforming level and defeating another boss. Once this section is cleared, the area becomes completely independent and you are free to move onto the next area in the world.

With a focus on action, the sim sections are rather fast paced and fairly simple with simple goals and fast progression of time. To prevent the player from breezing through these sections, demons roam the map which are able to destroy villages, kidnap or kill people, and paralyze your angel (which prevents you from taking any action). This results in multi-tasking as you command your people while avoiding demon attacks and protecting your people.

The game earned a sequel (also on the Super Nintendo) which is seen as inferior to the original and drops the sim idea completely resulting in a fairly boring 2D platformer.

The game is also available on the Wii Virtual Console, if you like what you see and hope a proper sequel is made, let your voice be heard and purchase a copy on the Virtual Console!

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