The snake game is a simple and popular game concept that finds itself in all kinds of places (even the Youtube video player) but hardly sees any deviation from the standard formula.

Looking to make something fresh, Naxat Soft (now known as Kaga Create) created Serpent for the Gameboy introducing head to head combat into what is normally a single player affair.

Although games like Tron have already dabbled with the idea mixing head to head gameplay with the snake formula, none have fleshed out the idea as far is has been in serpent. Serpent has you facing off against an opponent snake trying to trap each other’s heads to destroy them but gives you several weapons and power ups to make things more interesting. You can use missiles to speed up or slow down your opponent, gather power ups that increase the length of your snake or shorten it, etc.

Although not a very long game, Serpent is fun to play in short bursts and is a pretty interesting take on the classic snake formula.

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