Ray Tracers

During a time when most games involving cars were either a race against time or against other cars, Taito broke the mold and released Chase H.Q., a driving game where you play as a pair of cops who must chase down criminal vehicles and crash into them to prevent them from escaping. Although the series did not have many spin offs or sequels, a spiritual successor was made that would bring the gameplay into true 3D for the first time.

Ray Tracers, originally released by Taito for the PS1 in 1997, is not explicitly stated to be related to Chase H.Q. but the connections are obvious. Building on the mechanics of Chase H.Q., Ray Tracers allows to select from a various different playable characters each with their own vehicle and stats. The different characters specialize in aspects such as speed, damage, and handling which change how you go about taking down criminals. Ray Tracers also features a turbo gauge and weapons you can use which will come in handy when taking down crazy boss vehicles such as tanks or helicopters.

The game is short and has a very arcade like feel (staying true to it’s origins) which makes this game great for pick up and play sessions.
The game was released in all major regions and is currently available on the PSN Store.

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