Pop’n Stage

It’s Tap’n Slap’n Pop’n Music… for your feet!

Released early on in the lifespan of Konami’s Pop’n Music series, Pop’n Stage was a short lived spin-off that tried to capitalize off the success of Konami’s own Dance Dance Revolution series. Rather than using the 4 panel layout found in DDR, Pop’n Stage adopts the 5 panel layout of Andamiro’s Pump It Up series. To differentiate itself further, single player mode requires the player to use the 6 inner panels from both dance platforms (2 player or 10 panel mode plays more traditionally however).

Outdated with a short run in arcades, Pop’n Stage is an arcade exclusive oddity that is hard to come by. If you ever manage to find the game, it’s worth your time to try it out at least once.

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