LSD: Dream Emulator

Keeping with the theme of horror games for the month of October, today’s game will be Asmik’s LSD: Dream Emulator for the PS1. Although not exactly intended to be a horror game, LSD has various scenes that can be pretty disturbing at times.

LSD: Dream Emulator, as the name implies, is supposed to emulate the experience of being inside a dream. Played entirely from the first person perspective, you explore various surreal worlds encountering various strange phenomena such as weird creatures with human faces, penguins sliding across green fields, pink elephants floating in mid-air, etc. Touching anything, including walls, will either teleport you to somewhere seemingly random or somewhere predetermined.

After a certain amount of time (or if you fall into an endless pit) the dream ends and you are able to begin the next “day” or dream. The events that happen in a dream depend on your actions in the previous dream, however what actions result in which events is not entirely clear. Occasionally, the dreams can get pretty dark with scenes such as bloody corpses lying on the street or a person suddenly losing their head in front of you.

The game was only released in Japan as part of a package which also includes the dream diary of the developer who came up with the idea for this game. If you can get your hand on this game, its definitely worth experiencing at least once.

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