Faceball 2000

The game where enemies tell you to have a nice day after they kill you.

Faceball 2000 is an early example of a first person shooter originally released for the Atari ST in 1987 as MIDI Maze. The game takes place in various simple mazes populated with smiley faces which represent other players or computer opponents. Originally, the game was multiplayer only with up to 16 players participating in one of the earliest examples of deathmatches in gaming.

MIDI Maze was eventually renamed to Faceball 2000 and ported to various consoles and handhelds including the Gameboy, Game Gear, and Super Nintendo. The console ports introduced a single player campaign to the series where the player must navigate through a maze and find it’s exit to advance to the next level while avoiding or defeating various smiley enemy types.

Faceball 2000 was impressive for pulling off 3D graphics on the Gameboy and Game Gear without any extra hardware and using the seldom used 4 player adapter for the Gameboy for deathmatches. Although no longer seeing any support with no signs of new releases in the future, it’s worth going back to check out this important piece of gaming history.

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