E.V.O.: Search for Eden

E.V.O.: Search for Eden, made by Enix before the merge with Square, is a Super Nintendo platformer RPG that focuses on the evolution of animals and the Earth itself.

Starting off as just a simple fish in the ocean, you must focus on survival with the ultimate goal being to continuously evolve. The RPG elements kick in with how hunting and eating other creatures gives you evolution points which you can then use to evolve certain parts of your body which decide what creature you evolve into. For example, you could evolve into a frog, a lizard, a crocodile, or something else entirely, eventually you can even evolve into a human although that is entirely optional!

The in game evolution aren’t just superficial, they directly affect the gameplay with different abilities being available to only certain evolutionary trees such as flight or the ability to breathe underwater or use tools.

Considered one of the most innovative games of the year it was released, E.V.O. is worth checking out for the Super Nintendo.

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