Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition


How did everyone enjoy our Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax event from two weeks ago? I hope you all had fun and enjoyed yourselves!

As it usually is with Japanese fighting games, once we get access to a console version they start throwing out updates for the arcade version…the next installment, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition, will be available for PS4/PS3/Vita on December 17, 2015 in Japan. It will feature four new playable characters: Emi Yusa (from The Devil Is a Part Timer!), Quenser Barbotage (from Heavy Object), Tatsuya Shiba (from The Irregular at Magic High School) and Kuroko Shirai (from A Certain Magical Index/A Certain Scientific Railgun) – along with multiple new supports.

But of course it sucks just to hear about new characters just when we got the game in NA, so how about some more detailed info about the new characters? Luckily (?) I’ve had the chance to try out three of the new characters (I will just describe their general playstyle and special attacks):

Emi Yusa – she’s incredibly fast; she has an air dash and a lot of moves propel her forward automatically. This allows Emi to put on serious pressure on the enemy.

  • 236+attack button – Emi fires a projectile that runs along the ground. Moves pretty fast.
  • 214+attack button – Emi does a twirl forward and does an ice slash upwards (you probably see this in trailers a lot)
  • 236+attack button (air) – Emi throws a lighting bolt down a certain distance in front of her depending on the button pressed.
  • 214+attack button (ait) – Emi does two spin slashes.
  • A+B – Emi does a forward thrust similar to Kirito’s (I haven’t played in a while – either Kirito or Asuna has a thrust for A+B?)
  • 2+A+B – Emi does a flaming shoryuken with her sword
  • A+C – some sorta powerup? Not sure what powerup exactly.



Quenser Barbotage¬†– Quenser is mostly a zoner; you can fetch a lot of hits from afar. Unlike Mikoto who puts on pressure with single strikes, Quenser’s moves tend to do multiple hits.

  • 236+attack button – Quenser’s partner Havia comes out a certain distance (depending on the button pressed) and fires his machine gun upward. Has great vertical range.
  • 214+attack button – Quenser throws a grenade.
  • 236+attack button (air) – Quenser’s partner Havia comes out a certain distance (depending on the button pressed) and fires his machine gun diagonally downward.
  • A+B after EX moves (uses up 1 climax gauge) – an explosion is added to the end of the hit that will launch the enemy into the air; can probably follow up into an air combo (I did not pull off this move as I didn’t know about it)
  • A+B – Quenser’s partner Havia comes out and starts firing his machine gun as Quenser crawls forward on the ground. When Quenser touches the opponent he leaves a C4 on them which launches them upward. Animation wise the funniest move Quenser has.
  • 2+A+B – Quenser’s partner Havia comes out and fires a rocket 45 degrees upward. Doesn’t work well as a reversal like other 2+A+B moves, but is great for anti-air zoning from afar
  • A+C – Quenser creates a big explosion in front of him that launches the enemy across the field (like most attack type A+C moves)


Tatsuya Shiba¬†– Tatsuya moves tend to put him on the opposite side of the opponent. Together with supports/canceling you can easily mixup the opponent. Note you can’t choose him as a support if you pick him as a playable character (same case goes for Miyuki).

  • 236+attack button (air ok) – Tatsuya fires a “mirror” thing a certain distance away, similar to Noel’s (from Blazblue) Optic Barrel. You can press another button for a followup after whether the move hits or is blocked: A will make Tatsuya teleport a short distance forward (at the shortest range shot he ends up right in front of the opponent), B will make him go into a low slide, C will make him dash through the opponent while damaging them.
  • 214+attack button – Tatsuya jumps an arc forward in the air and does Noel’s revolver blaster. You can press for a followup if you land this move on a projectile (but I don’t know what it does since I never managed to hit this on a projectile)
  • 214+attack button (ait) – Tatsuya does a diagonal slash 45 degrees downwards. Reminds me of Jin’s (from Blazblue again) 214+C in the air.
  • A+B – Tatsuya dashes through the opponent while damaging them (same animation as C followup from 236+attack)
  • 2+A+B – Tatsuya does a teleport upward that hits the opponent, stomps on them while coming down, then fires a shot at them. Incredibly cool looking.
  • A+C – another one of them powerup moves. No idea what gets powered up.

    I wish I can give a rundown on the Ignition system but I don’t know how it clearly works. Guess we should wait until the game is release in December?


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