Bravely Second: End Layer

The sequel to the one of the best not-Final Fantasy games has released today exclusively on the 3DS! Make use the of the games new job classes such as Hawkeye and Patissier, with the JRPG experience reminiscent of classic titles we almost never get anymore.

One of Bravely Default series’ main gimmicks is stocking up unused turns to either them all at once later in a single action or using up future turns at the beginning to make those tedious grinding battles end much quicker. With much personality in its boss battles, the an in depth job system, Bravely Second brings more to its fans with the long awaited sequel that was teased since it’s post-credits scene back on the first title.

Players who have gotten their hands on the North American special edition have earned themselves the original soundtrack, a 250 page hard cover art book, all packaged in a neat limited edition box.

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