It’s time for more forgotten Sega platformers!

Developed in house at Sega, Astal is a beautiful 2D side-scroller for the Sega Saturn. Released in 1995, this game saw poor sales due to the rise in popularity of 3D games even though it received mostly positive reviews from critics at the time.

You play as Astal, a boy created from a red jewel whose purpose is to protect Leda, a girl created from a green jewel who has the power to give life to the world. Leda gets kidnapped and Astal must find and rescue her in order to restore the world and fulfill his duties.

The main gimmick of the game is Astal’s ability to pick up and throw objects and enemies as his main means of attack. Astal is also accompanied by a mysterious bird which can be used as a projectile weapon that bounces around the screen for those tight situations.

Astal has never been ported to any other platform so the Saturn version is the only means of playing the game. If you enjoy hand-drawn 2D graphics and 2D side-scrollers, its worth checking the game out.

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