ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat

A game that no one thought would ever come to North America actually made it after its 9 year swim. Archasic Sealed Heat, otherwise known as ASH makes it’s North American debut on the eShop as a digital download. While many would ask what this game is about and why people should play it need to only know that the game was developed by Mistwalker, the same team behind Last Story, Lost Odyssey, and Blue Dragon.

While Mistwalker is known for many titles since they’ve formed back in 2004, they are actually composed of several ex-squaresoft team members who are most well known behind the classic (and arguably better) Final Fantasy titles as well as the famed Chrono Trigger.

ASH: Archasic Sealed Heat is a turn-based strategy RPG taking place on a grid map, with a story that you can expect coming from the brilliant mind of Hironobu Sakaguchi. Art for the game has also been worked on by Hideo Minaba, the talent behind older Final Fantasy games as well as the Bravely Default series.

Archaic Sealed Heat released today in english on the eShop exclusively on the 3DS.

Edit: I was given awareness that the ASH that appeared in the eShop today was not the ASH that this article mentions, but in fact another game by company, Circle Entertainment, under a similar name. Sorry for the misinformation everyone. One day we still might see this treasure in the future. 🙁

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